Friday, February 05, 2010

Six things that bug me about Facebook

6. Ads. Seriously? Why did you decide to show THIS mix of ads on the side of my page? Sometimes I get the weirdest mix of ads.

5. Rumors. Folks, quit telling me that Facebook is going to start charging for access, or the unnamed app causing problems, or that nonprofit groups would donate X amount of money to help Haiti if I keep forwarding a message. Seriously. Stop now.

4. Suggestions. Why do you keep suggesting that I become friends with people I've never heard of? Annoying, Facebook.

3. Notifications. We used to control whether our walls would reveal if we commented or liked a status, link, or photo. Not anymore. One of the lame changes Facebook recently made.

2. Status. People who want me to change my status to show my support for Jesus or the troops or the battle against world hunger or most other causes. The more you ask people to do this, the less impact it truly has.

1. Farmville. And requests for whatever it is you Farmville fans use and need to play this game. Ugh.

I'm sure there are more than just these six things that bug me about Facebook, but these are the current, immediate irritants. And btw, I'm actually having a good day. Just needed to get this off my chest. Thank you for your attention.