Sunday, March 29, 2009

Look out for the Cult of Snuggie

I asked for one of these for Christmas but was denied. Just kidding. I don't think I'd ever be caught in public wearing a Snuggie... but some people in San Francisco didn't mind:
    The faithful lined up, two to three deep at the bar, looking like Druids in electric-blue fleece. Tim Jester and Brian Griffiths, two young San Francisco guys in polo shirts, leaned against a railing, surveying the scene.

    They had gone to the Rouge nightclub on Polk Street on a Friday night without any idea that it was the starting point for a 200-person Snuggie pub crawl and were a bit confused.

    "I think they need more colors besides blue," Griffiths said. "It needs more diversity."

    "It looks cultish. Very cultish," Jester said.

    Dedicated wearers of the fleece-blanket-with-sleeves would have a hard time disagreeing with that statement, seeing as many of the hundreds of Facebook fan groups set up to celebrate Snuggies list it as a "religion."

    The Snuggie is not the first product to imbue fleece with robelike properties - figure-obscuring leisure wear has been knocking around catalogs for years - but since hitting the market in October, Snuggies have hit a cultural nerve.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twitter vs Facebook

I use both Facebook and Twitter, although for very different reasons. Twitter can be a fun immediate tool for finding out what friends are doing, but I have a lot more "friends" on Facebook than "followers" on Twitter.

Anyway, I came across this article on SFGate (website for the SF Chronicle) about the relationship/competition/overlap between the two networks.
    Increasingly, Facebook and Twitter are overlapping, setting the stage for one of the biggest Silicon Valley rivalries over the next few years.

    Both companies want to play a major role in how people communicate online, a potentially lucrative business but one that is hardly settled given the ever-shifting online landscape.

    Although different in their approach, both services enable people to post updates about their lives. Did your baby make a funny face? Did you enjoy "Slumdog Millionaire"?

    The budding rivalry between the two companies heated up last week when Facebook introduced a major redesign that makes it more of a destination for real-time posts, turf that Twitter is famous for.

There's gonna be a strike in Paris.

So, wouldn't you know it? I'm going over to Paris next week with my dad and stepmom, and it turns out that on Thursday there will be a major strike. If you read French, you can go here and see more. My French is about as rusty as a nail that's endured a dozen Minnesota winters. (I don't know how rusty that nail would be, but it sounded like a good analogy.) All I really know is that Thursday, March 19 will be a great day to WALK around Paris instead of using public transit. And who knows what else will be closed for the day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've returned to "my" Starbucks.

After a multiweek absence, I've resumed using a local Starbucks as my office. A few weeks ago, I decided to turn a vacant room in my house into a home office. Within a few days, a guy at church had asked me about the possibility of renting my empty room. After some words of wisdom from my girlfriend, I decided I would sacrifice the home office. With the new roommate's arrival just a couple weeks away, I figured I should get back into the habit of working from Starbucks.

Apparently, I'm one of the "Norms" for this location. They still remembered the details of the drink I buy (venti unsweetened iced green tea, with 5 splendas), and I feel right at home once again. For three days straight, "my" spot has even been open. Sweet!