Sunday, March 29, 2009

Look out for the Cult of Snuggie

I asked for one of these for Christmas but was denied. Just kidding. I don't think I'd ever be caught in public wearing a Snuggie... but some people in San Francisco didn't mind:
    The faithful lined up, two to three deep at the bar, looking like Druids in electric-blue fleece. Tim Jester and Brian Griffiths, two young San Francisco guys in polo shirts, leaned against a railing, surveying the scene.

    They had gone to the Rouge nightclub on Polk Street on a Friday night without any idea that it was the starting point for a 200-person Snuggie pub crawl and were a bit confused.

    "I think they need more colors besides blue," Griffiths said. "It needs more diversity."

    "It looks cultish. Very cultish," Jester said.

    Dedicated wearers of the fleece-blanket-with-sleeves would have a hard time disagreeing with that statement, seeing as many of the hundreds of Facebook fan groups set up to celebrate Snuggies list it as a "religion."

    The Snuggie is not the first product to imbue fleece with robelike properties - figure-obscuring leisure wear has been knocking around catalogs for years - but since hitting the market in October, Snuggies have hit a cultural nerve.

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