Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time to garden?

I've thought about creating a garden in my back yard to help cut down on food costs. Of course, "thought about" is a wildly different stage from "did something about." Came across this piece on about growing gardens during tough economic times:
    As American families try to stretch their food budgets during the recession, some are turning to the backyard, rather than the grocery store, as the place to look for produce.

    Recession gardens are catching on with many first-time planters who want a healthy meal at an affordable price.

    The gardeners are following seed-strewn paths laid by Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt, both of whom have used the White House lawn to show the value of a garden during tough times.

    The scope of today's trend is shocking even to those in the gardening industry.

    W. Atlee Burpee & Co., the largest seed and gardening supply store in the country, says it has seen a 25 to 30 percent spike in vegetable seed and plant sales this spring compared with last.

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Anonymous said...

If I planted a garden, I think my kids would dig through it looking for "treasure" or rearrange the soil to make dirt castles... but you should totally do it! Thanks for the blogroll add, I'll do the same for you! Family gots ta stay togetha...