Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Too many text messages.

OK, so my five-month experiment has come to a close. Back in November, I decided to see if I could set a personal record for the most text messages in a month (combined incoming and outgoing). Before November, I had never used more than 1,550 in one month.

Well, November ended up being around 2,900 -- thanks to my sending messages to friends, asking them to text me. In December, I continued the experiment and got my count up to around 3,400. In January, I reached 4,400. In February, it grew to 5,100.

This brings us to the just-completed month of March. I broke all those personal records. In fact, I completely shattered them: just over 11,000 text messages used last month.

My friends, that works out to be more than 350 messages per day.

That's insane.

And I'm done.

Not with texting, but with my attempts to use mass quantities of messages. I'm sure I won't fall back into the 1,500 range again, but if a month from now, I've sent and received more than 11,000, it's time to check into rehab.


evan said...

You can get that pumped up even more, if you send your twitter notifications to phone.

Rob Cunningham said...

true. sounds like a form of cheating. but still worth it lol

Anonymous said...

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