Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Eve thoughts

Some “live” random thoughts I wrote while at a band’s show on New Year’s Eve, taken straight from my PDA:

OK, I’ll confess: I really don’t get screamo music. Heck, I don’t even know if that’s still the word used to describe the genre anymore.

I’m at a show right now, and I left and will return to a NYE party where I only knew a handful of people. One person, Heather, encouraged us all to say people’s names several times as a strategy to learn new names. We'll see how well that ends up working for everyone.

I have a tough time getting into music when I can’t understand the lyrics. Does this make me old? Or some kind of music snob?

Just sent a tweet: “I’m at a concert where I don’t stick out like a sore thumb… just an old thumb…”

For some reason, my gf didn’t see this as a romantic part of the evening. She stayed at the party.

There’s a crowd here of maybe 100. I dunno. I’m not that good at counting crowds. I always think there are fewer people than there really are. I’d make a lousy senior pastor or evangelist.

Did anyone ever tell Mozart or Beethoven: “I just don’t dig your music. It all sounds the same as all the other composers.” Not that Beethoven would have heard the criticism or anything.

Culture is so diverse. As followers of Christ, can we really connect with culture? Or just a certain slice of culture?

No one has ever accused me of having radical musical tastes, though enjoying and appreciating (and playing) classical music in high school certainly wasn’t the norm.

My ears hurt.

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