Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Macs rule.

Yep, I'm a Mac guy. Quite a proud one. My dad was a computer science professor for decades, and back in the mid-1980s, he would bring home one of the little, B&W-screened, boxy units so my brother and I could play games all summer. (Those summers didn't sip, I guess.)

Alas, today we live in a backslidden, corrupted world of PCs. It reminds me of the principle John Maxwell wrote about in one of his 329 books. He reminded the dear reader that none of us seeks out restaurants that offer average service with mediocre food and merely acceptable atmosphere. We all strive for excellence.

For excellence PCs strive not.

A Mac is a work of excellence. The fact that graphic artists, newspaper designers and the most creative people use Macs should be a reminder of why Macs rule. Who uses PCs? Accountants.

'Nuf said.

For those who still doubt that Macs are the platforms of excellence, please visit this link. Now. Abandon mediocrity. Now. Do it. You know you want to. Go ahead. Do it.

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