Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why not.

I ran across an interesting story online relating to the breakdown of community and the drop in the number of close friends most of us have. It caught my eye cause it really emphasized the value of small groups and a healthy church environment -- the fact that we all need healthy, deep, life-giving relationships.

So I figured I'd send it down to Josh Griffin, who allegedly works for Doug Fields down at Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, but seems to have all kinds of free time on his hands. (Not that I know any youth pastors who also fit into that category.) Anyway, Josh asked if I had a blog he should be linking to. I told him no. I'm too bleeding-edge to have a blog; people should just be able to read my mind and learn my thoughts that way.

But then I got thinking, and that's a scary thing to do on a Saturday morning. I'm not paid to think on Saturdays. I got thinking that perhaps it would be fun to reveal my thoughts and ideas and concepts and notions and wordplay and all the other silly stuff that goes on in my mind -- maybe it would be fun to let people read it. Online journaling. Go figure.

So, this is my start. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm really talented at starting projects; finishing has always been a challenge. Just ask all the half-read books that sit on my shelf. Actually, if you start talking to my books, I have a good shrink I can recommend.

Enjoy the day. It's supposed to be around 107 degrees here today. Good motivation to go to heaven and avoid hell.

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