Friday, September 01, 2006

Final thoughts on Star Wars.

1. I will wait a long time until I spend 13+ hours watching all the movies.
2. If I watch them all with students again, I will make sure no one steals my chairs.
3. If people steal my chairs, I will make sure the chairs don't get broken.
4. I will commission a leader to make a late-night McDonald's run.
5. I will reinlist a friend to bring food again from Olive Garden.
6. I will do less commentary during Episode I.
7. I will do more commentary during the rest of the movies.
8. If I need to fall asleep during Empire Strikes Back, I will do it.
9. I will remind students that it's not a date night, so cut the PDA.
10. I will plan another vacation right after an all-night event because it took me several days to recover from this one.

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