Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back in business.

You know, every time my blog gets linked from the SYM Podcast, my hits jump through the roof. Guess that means: 1. People watch/listen to the podcast; 2. People also look at the links; 3. People follow the links. Hmm...I must have gone to college, to have figured that one out. "Yeah, well, your mom went to college." Thanks.

So yes I'm back in civilization now, after several days in the mountains, and I have LOTS of stuff to blog about. In fact, I'm going to ask my senior pastor if I can spend half my week in the mountains, because I have more blog material from 4 days in Yosemite than I typically get in 4 weeks in the Sacramento area. Go figure.

Might be a post or two later tonight. Right now I'm visiting my mom, who has lost ALL of her hair from her two rounds of chemo. She's letting me take pics of her, so I'll post something tonight or tomorrow on how she looks bald. Never thought my mom would go bald before me.

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