Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hurray for Star Wars.

I'm sitting here in the middle of a group of students watching the 5th of the 6 Star Wars movies (that would The Empire Strikes Back, in case you're not a huge Star Wars fan). It's been quite an adventure, and we still have about 3 hours left until we're done.

Most of the gang stayed awake through the first 2 films; outdoor basketball between games helped, I think. But with each passing Episode, the number of still-awakes continues to shrink. The low point was about halfway through Episode 4: A New Hope (the "original" Star Wars), I think there were maybe 4 or 5 of us awake. Right now, as I scan the room, I observe at least 10 or 11 of us awake, even though I (and others) continue to battle the desire to sleep.

I'm supposed to take a few days of vacation after this, and I'll need it. But overall, it's been a fun event for the students (and the brave adults who are still here), and I highly recommend to any of you looking for a way to spend at least 14 straight hours with your students.


YouthGuyEvan said...

dude, that's awesome!! I might "borrow" this idea at some point down the road... very sweet... Get some sleep, and we'll see you....... Monday? yea monday sounds good...

P-Rob said...

Dude, it's 7PM Saturday right now, and I'm just now moving again. It was a fun event, but if you do the overnight version, make sure you don't have anything important happening the next idea. Then again, you're not as old as I am; maybe you can still recover from all-nighters well. I can't. I'm too old for 'em.