Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sweet podcast.

OK, so Josh Griffin says the latest Simply Youth Ministry podcast episode is their most depressing ever. I'm glad that I had a part in creating a tad of that depression. If you need help for depression, there are many options.

I know that Fields and McGill are leaving soon for their Kenyan adventure, so no clue if any of the following will ever be heard live on the podcast, so I offer this for your consideration.

On Episode 25, Fields, McGill, Natalie and Griff (with a little Brazel help) debated how many of my emails had been read on their fine show. Here was the email response I sent to each of them...


Hey gang! It turns out that Natalie was right, though I'm not sure everyone heard her guess of "7" for the number of my emails that have been read.

Let's break it down.

#1: The sexually charged comment/"P.S. I'm movin' to Brooklyn"
Emailed: 17 March 06
Read: Episode 8

#2: Purpose-Driven vs. 7 Checkpoints
Emailed: 23 March 06
Read: Episode 9

#3: The non-humor coach
Emailed: 21 March 06
Read: Episode 9

#4: State abbreviations list for Natalie
Emailed: 5 April 06
Read: Episode 11

#5: Questions for Austin Carty (including Pat Robertson leg-pressing 2K lbs.)
Emailed: 26 May 06
Read: Episode 18

#6: The best time to start writing small group curriculum
NOTE: Was read anonymously
Emailed: 11 Feb 06
Read: Episode 19

#7: The risks of humor
Emailed: 17 July 06
Read: Episode 24
Re-read and answered: Episode 25

And I'm glad to know that at least 3 items on a Top 10 were funny. That's batting .300, and they might put me in the baseball hall of fame with an average like that.

Sure hope my future emails get ready...I've probably exceeded my quota...


Anyway, I hope they read your email soon. Good luck. Just kidding. Sorta.

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