Sunday, August 20, 2006

Give it up for #33.

So, yes, today is my 33rd birthday. I decided to do a little research and find out what other people had accomplished by their 33rd birthdays:

* Thomas Jefferson. Wrote the Declaration of Independence when he was 33.
* Jesus Christ. Was crucified and resurrected when He was (probably) 33.
* Bill Gates. Was facing a legal battle from Apple over Windows 2.0 when he was 33.
* Joan of Arc. Had already been dead for 14 years.
* Billy Graham. Was into his first year leading the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association when he was 33.
* Katie Couric. Was a national correspondent for the Today show when she was 33.
* Doug Fields. Was working on a book called "The Purpose-Driven Life," which somehow was lost and discovered by someone else years later.
* Winston Churchill. Was Secretary of State for Trade and Industry for the UK government when he was 33.
* Julius Caesar. Was just launching his political career when he was 33.
* Susan B. Anthony. Was just beginning her involvement as a leader in both the women's suffrage and anti-slavery movements when she was 33.
* Alexander the Great. Had conquered most of his known world by the time he was (almost) 33; he died just a month shy of his 33rd birthday.

So, how 'bout them apples?

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