Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mixed feelings on jury duty.

So, yeah, I have jury duty on Tuesday. I have some positive and negative feelings about this, so I'm going to do some self-therapy via blogging.

I've always wanted to be on a real jury. I once came close, but it was during my newspaper days and I figure one of the attorneys would have axed me because I was a reporter. I'm a pastor now...does that help or hurt my chances?

On Tuesday, there's a funeral for a friend happening down in Turlock that I'd like to attend. I use the word "friend" loosely, I guess, because he wasn't someone I'd kept in contact with since moving to Sacramento, and he and I weren't extremely tight in Turlock. But he was in his 40s, he died unexpectedly, and I've known his extended family for years.

I know I can't really use the funeral as an excuse for getting out of jury duty at this point, though I'm tempted. But I guess I'll do my civic duty.

Here's the deal. If I get picked for a jury, I want something good. Make it worth my time. Don't give me some lame case. I want something that will give me LOTS of blogging material (after the case is completed, of course). I haven't been reading the newspaper or watching local TV news lately, so I don't have a clue of any big cases going to trial this week. But I can always hope, right?