Thursday, November 22, 2007

No jury duty after all, and no cancer in my mom.

Well, two big things have happened in the last week that have gone unnoticed here on my blog. Time to take a moment on this Thanksgiving Day to mention them both.

First, I didn't get picked for the jury. I was on jury duty 3 days last week and again this Monday. But within the first hour, I had been bumped. Oh well. I was kinda annoyed at first, because I could have been tossed Thursday and saved me the whole weekend of wondering, plus it was the deputy DA who excused me, and he never asked me a question during voir dire.

The case is the trial of Anthony Ocampo, who's accused of killing his wife back in 2005. There wasn't a lot of news coverage that I could find (I didn't look until Monday, after being bumped from the jury), but one local TV station had an article that had been posted. The Sacramento Bee probably had stories back in 2005 but I wasn't able to find them. So, no jury service for me this time.

Second, my mom went to the oncologist yesterday, and the latest scans show no evidence of cancer in her body. Amen! She underwent several rounds of chemo in late 2006 and early 2007 for stage 4 lymphoma, so this is really awesome news. She'll have some follow-up work done in 2008, maybe even a few rounds of preventive chemo treatment. But things are looking good!

I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers over the last 18 months. They've meant the world to all of us. Thanks!