Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama courts evangelicals.

Interesting article today on about Democrats, including Sen. Obama, targeting evangelical voters for the fall:
    Polls have showed evangelicals, following national trends, are disaffected with Republican leadership and increasingly up for grabs.

    The organizer of the "Matthew 25" effort, Mara Vanderslice, led the religious outreach for the Democratic presidential ticket in 2004, and -- perhaps more troubling to the GOP -- has done similar, and successful, work for winning Democrats in reliably red states and battlegrounds, such as Govs. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas and Ted Strickland of Ohio and Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.

    This new energy has not been matched among conservatives. Same-sex marriage has galvanized some issues-motivated activists, but the Republican standard-bearer has yet to galvanize longtime evangelical foot soldiers this campaign season.

    Since former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ended his presidential run, many organizers and former Huckabee backers such as Farris have taken to the sidelines -- and said they have no plans to re-enter the electoral fray before Election Day.

    And as new reports surface of McCain's difficulties with evangelical leaders, Obama's campaign revealed an ambitious effort to appeal to young evangelicals and Catholics set to be unveiled this month.


Anonymous said...

yeah, cuz nothing makes a Christian want to support Obama like his preference for women's rights over the un-born.

You do know he supports letting a baby die if an abortion has failed and somehow the baby lived?

Don't you?

You are no real Christian if you support Obama.

Anonymous said...

Off and runnin. Leave it to a hateful "Christian" to present their argeument. What exactly defines a "real" Christian - who can hate the most? Because that it the way it seems in most blogs.

Live and let live. Use your morals to guide your way, and allow others to use theirs. I think that conservative Christians that live in the real world acknowledge the fact that not everyone feels the same way they do, and they enjoy the liberty and freedom to agree or disagree. These are only some of the principles of liberals, unlike Republicans that historically want a cookie-cutter version what a Christian is supposed to be. Bah Humbug.

Im thrilled that the religious "right" is waking up to the pandering they have been the victim of from the republican party. They promised all these family values, and all along were molesting pages, looking for tricks in airport men's room, and only god knows what else. Its a great big world out there, and not everyone thinks like you do, regardless if they tell you they do or not. Isn't better to stick to the devil you know?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obama will be a real treat.

There is no right or wrong, it's only what you feel like doing.

And you people wonder why this county is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Court the evangelicals!! AHH!! Rev. Wright and Fraudbama's other religious associates should be interesting bed partners!!!

Danny said...

Wow...five months out and people so rabid about religion are once again letting "God" make up their minds.

You folks have any idea how much you sound like the terrorists? For the self-proclaimed "righteous ones"...there is little tolerance for opposing viewpoints, let alone the notion that someone ELSE's idea of the divine is the "wrong" idea.

Our divides are NOT just political, people. And until you really start to PRACTICE what your so-called religions actually PREACH...there are some some chasm's that will remain uncrossable.

YOUR God is NOT the "right" God--just the right God FOR YOU.

Now can we go about the business of helping our country, please???

Anonymous said...

I am in a quandry. Homosexuality is taught by the Bible to be nothing more than sin even though it is popular to be politically correct and consider it an "alternative lifestyle" even though God says it is an abdomination. How can I support a candidate (Obama)who takes an un-biblical view of this lifestyle? Are the Republicans any less immoral because of their total disregard for the poor and less fortunate. The fact is the GOP has sold out to the wealthy and elite of our nation. What am I to do?

Anonymous said...

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