Friday, August 01, 2008

A stirring inside.

It's remarkable how life goes. Sometimes everything is expected and predictable and calm and normal. Whatever "normal" is. And then something happens. It can be a small moment. It can be a word from a friend. It can be a line in a movie or a page in a book or a phrase in a song or sermon. It can be a new opportunity or a second chance.

Something happens. Something is stirred.

Dreams and thoughts and ideas re-emerge. Clarity is sought, and found, and sometimes fumbled for the sake of ease and comfort. Current seems less desirable than future, especially when future seems a better mix of past and current, the best pieces of each picked and blended into something new and challenging and inspiring.

That doesn't mean it's easy or simple. The desire for clarity can itself create more confusion than before, when clarity wasn't the goal. And even when the first step is clear, that doesn't mean you've discovered clarity for steps two, three, or four. It simply means it's time to take step one, praying and trusting and believing and praying more and hoping and knowing and praying more and desiring and --

But then it comes time to take that step. It must be taken. It can't be ignored. It can't be brushed aside, even if others will misunderstand or judge or disbelieve or wonder or doubt or challenge or question or criticize. Still, others won't. They, too, will pray and trust and believe and pray more and hope and know and pray more and desire, that steps two, three, and four will be revealed.

In His timing. In His path. In His way. In His hands.


Geneva said...

I loved this post...It's amazing how you end up where you are through little steps that you thought would lead you somewhere else. And yet you are here. And it's in that tiny moment, breathe, sigh, step that your perspective changes 180 degrees yet doesn't seem to move a muscle. That little awesomeness of God that you finally recognize and, you, just close your eyes and sense that moment of God's perfect clarity.

Of course, I could be way off base with what you wrote and it just touched me. Either way, save this post for one one of those..."hey, look whay Grandpa wrote. Weren't is beautiful??"

Anonymous said...

^^ nice blog!! ^@^