Saturday, December 06, 2008

“My” Starbucks: Volume Three

After yesterday’s brilliant decision to work at a different Starbucks location, today I got my head screwed on correctly and returned to “my” Starbucks. I won’t say this was a mistake, but it was another learning experience.

It turns out I’ve been pretty good about avoiding peak customer hours at this location. Mornings can be crazy here; that’s okay, because I seem to be most productive in afternoon and evening hours. But apparently weekends are busy, too. I drove up and saw a lot more cars in the parking lot than I normally do – that was my first clue. And once I got inside, I realized there were no tables free, and almost every chair was full, too.

Abnormal? Crazy shopping day? People avoiding the cold, foggy weather? Nope. The employees said this is common for the weekends. I guess I’ll have to come up with another game plan: finish everything by Friday, work from home on the weekends, or find a quieter weekend location. Something along those lines.

The good news: A table did open up eventually, and I did run into a friend from my old church. So not a complete waste, by any means.