Friday, December 05, 2008

“My” Starbucks: Volume Two

Nothing overly eventful happened yesterday at “my” Starbucks. I didn’t have to battle for “my” spot, and the place was pretty quiet all afternoon. My card did, at least, finally give me free refills on my tea. This was a “discovery of the day” sometime ago, that I could pay 50 cents and get a refill. Well, a few weeks back, that was topped by a better DOD when an associate – isn’t that what they’re all called? – said I could get FREE refills if I registered a Starbucks card online. So I did. And still got charged, even though I’ve been able to access the Internet for two hours each day (another free perk for registering a card online). But today, I got a free refill. Let me rephrase: I got FOUR free refills. Yes. I drink a lot of tea here. And I make multiple visits to the bathroom.

But then I failed today. I didn’t go to “my” Starbucks. Instead, I picked one closer to my house. What a mistake. The place was packed when I arrived. No seats available. I kinda hung around for a few minutes and finally a table opened up. They aren’t playing any music here. The seating is limited. The store is smaller than “my” Starbucks. I’m quite certain I won’t return to this one to work again.