Saturday, January 20, 2007

Are Americans idiots?

Two years from today, a new president will take the oath of office. We know it won't be Dick Cheney, so the field is wide open for both Republicans and Democrats. I'm not even going to bother reciting the names of all the "top" candidates because we're so far away from the election.

Today, Hillary Clinton joined the party. She, of course, would be the first female president and the first spouse of a former president. Gee, that's really cool. Or I could vote for a candidate who would be the first Hispanic president. Or the first black president. Or the first Mormon president. Or all kinds of other reasons that really shouldn't affect my vote in the first place.

I've never met Hillary, but that still doesn't stop me from not really liking her. But if you need some other reason NOT to support/vote for her, consider this: Since 1989 (following the 1988 election), our commander-in-chief has either been a Bush or Clinton. If she's elected president, that pattern continues.
1989-1993: George H.W. Bush
1993-2001: Bill Clinton
2001-2009: George W. Bush
2009-2013 or 2017: Hillary Clinton

Come on, folks. Isn't that a bit absurd? We live in a democratic republic, and we can only elect people with the last name of Bush or Clinton? Look at the political landscape, and maybe Hillary Clinton would be followed by Jeb Bush after her one or two terms is over. That's ridiculous!

Vote for ANYONE who doesn't have the last name of Bush or Clinton in 2008. The last 16 years (eventually 18 years under the B's and C's) have been bad enough. Let's get someone else in there.

EDITED: Sorry, folks, my math was a little off. At the end of George W. Bush's second term, we will have had 20 years of a Bush or Clinton as president, not 18.


PJ said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't realize what you pointed out that the last what 16 years we have been dominated by a Bush of Clinton. While I originally liked Bush Jr. I think I am going to vote for Ralph Nadar or Steve Forbes if he runs again.

Jen In

Anonymous said...

i highly doubt if hilary will get the nod from the dems in the primary.

as sad as it is, i don't think this country (as a whole) is ready for a female president, especially her, and especially because she would win simply because she would be the first Madam POTUS. and the dems know this.

it'll get worse before it gets better, i'm affraid.


Anonymous said...

no one wants another clinton in office, that would be a nightmare and i side with youth guy evan, the country's not ready for a female president! i rather have a black or hispanic president.