Monday, January 29, 2007

Back home.

Hey all, I'm back from a few days of R&R. Spent most of the time up in Yosemite, after spending a little time at my mom's house in Turlock. This was one of those "unexpected" trips to Yosemite. The trip was planned, but the weather wasn't what I wanted. Here's what I mean.

Last year I planned a trip to Yosemite National Park in early spring, the last weekend of March. I expected pleasant weather, so I rented a canvas tent with no heat.

It snowed on me. And rained. And was cold.

This year, I decided to actually GO when it was cold, so I booked a cabin (real cabin not canvas, and with heat) because it would probably be snowy or snow-covered.

The highs this weekend were in the 50s.

I just can't get this weather timing right for my trips. But it was still relaxing and refreshing. Think I got about 4 books either read or mostly read, so that was good. Did a little walking but no major hikes.

Now I just keep my eyes fixed on the weather reports. Once a real snowfall arrives, I'm headed that way for a day in the snow. So cool.


Anonymous said...

no pics? Welcome home.

Tom Bernice Tommy and Nicky Hammond said...

Hey...nice template.