Saturday, February 03, 2007

Painful to watch.

Oh, tonight was such a tough night. My Kansas Jayhawks were on ESPN again, giving me another chance to see my team win. Alas, KU was unable to hold it together near the end of the game, and the Texas A&M Aggies walked away with a victory -- the first time the Aggies have beaten the Jayhawks in basketball.

Before the game began, I texted and then spoke with Evan Mattei, a die-hard Aggies fan, who reminded me that until this year, A&M wasn't really known for its basketball squad, just the football team. Methinks that's all-a-changing. Tonight's game showed A&M has a real team, worthy of national recognition. Kansas showed it has a lot of work to do if it expects to survive past the first or second round of the NCAA tournament next month.


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YouthGuyEvan said...

FYI - A&M didn't win a big 12 game in the 2004 season.

2005 - NIT Tourney
2006 - NCAA lost to LSU 2nd round
2007 - ??? Amazing tournaroud...