Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hoover didn't suck. Get it?

Before today, I had never visited a presidential library. It wasn't too high on my list of goals to accomplish in my lifetime. But this afternoon, my dad, stepmom and I drove out to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, just about a half-hour away from their home here in Iowa.

It ended up being a really educational and enjoyable visit. History fascinates me, and politics intrigue me. A presidential library, at its best, combines both topics. The Hoover Library did a great job of telling his life story and the story of his political life.

Granted, it's HIS presidential library. There's going to be a positive spin on his legacy. But at the end, I'd say it seems he got a bum rap for the Great Depression. His legacy includes a lot more than just being the president in office when the stock market crashed. So, all in all, it was worth the drive over.

Of course, it was COLD again today. When the wind was still, it wasn't bad. It was sunny, and the sun was pleasant -- until the wind returned. It was a sharp, bitter breeze, the kind you'd expect when it's about 12 degrees outside. Beanie. Scarf. Gloves. Jacket. Ooops, I left my scarf in the car for the walk around the museum's grounds to see the house where he was born. Man did I miss that scarf.

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