Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cold yet crazy.

My dad and I went out earlier to get a newspaper. It's cold outside...around 21 degrees. We were bundled up, me more so than him because I'm a wimpy Californian.

We walked into the nearest convenience store. He grabbed a newspaper. He paid for it. As we're climbing into the car, we see a kid wearing shorts. The kid was probably 9 or 10. And he was wearing shorts. In the cold. As if it was no big deal.

I was in my dad's car, wearing an undershirt, long-sleeve shirt, jacket, jeans, socks, shoes, beanie and gloves -- and I was kinda cold. Not sure if I admire that kid's bravery or question his sanity. Or both.


Anonymous said...

Did you offer him your coat?

~Wally Pip

P-Rob said...

if he had been shirtless i woulda offered him my coat. i wasn't about to offer him my jeans. duh. :)