Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The joy of travel.

I'm back in Iowa for a weeklong visit with my dad and stepmom. It's been snowing lightly for much of the day, and it's really pretty. And I'm glad I'm inside, where I can enjoy it behind insulated walls and windows.

Traveling here was quite an adventure Monday. Here are some highlights:

  • Being able to see our church grounds from the air as my flight left Sacramento
  • Seeing a layer of fresh snow covering much (but not enough) of the Sierra
  • Bouncing all over O'Hare International Airport as my flight into Iowa got moved, shifted, delayed, undelayed, redelayed
  • Pulling up with my dad and stepmom for dinner at a pizza place -- only to find that it had closed at 8PM; pizza places shouldn't do such things
  • Walking into a nearby Mexican food restaurant and being asked, "Smoking or nonsmoking?" Wow, another reason to love California
  • Having a waiter at that restaurant who used "amigos" with every interaction; got old real fast
  • Feeling the cold, sharp wind when it was already 20 degrees outside
  • Sleeping in this morning!

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