Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Teamwork on sermons.

We've been experimenting around the church lately with the way our senior pastor does his sermons on Sundays. Two or three times a week, he meets with a team of us to discuss his outline, brainstorm illustrations, and identify the best scriptures for his points. I'm aware of this process being done at our churches, but it's the first time for us.

So far, it's proving to be a positive experience. It's helping him because the whole process removes some elements from his plate but in return we're adding more content and application ideas. It's also good for me in my role, as executive pastor, and our youth pastor to gain some insight into how he preps his messages.

And it also means that if our senior pastor were to get sick at the last minute, one of us already would be familiar with the sermon and could easily step in to preach in his place.