Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cleaning time, moving time.

It was a beautiful day here in Sacramento, California. One of my roommates, Matt, is moving out this weekend, so today turned into a packing-cleaning-moving event at my house. Matt has cleaned out his room and loaded a UHaul truck. That means Mike is moving out of his room and into Matt's old room, and he's doing most of the work this evening (with his girlfriend and her sisters assisting).

As Matt was cleaning his room earlier in the day, I got in the mood to do some dishes to make the kitchen look better, and Dave decided to do some other cleaning around the house. He then opened up a bunch of windows and patio doors, and turned on the whole house fan to bring in some fresh air.

The laundry's been running full-tilt in the garage all day, and the place has a nice clean feel about it. Except my bedroom. Didn't quite get around to cleaning it today. Oh well.