Thursday, March 13, 2008

Every Sunday is "Open House."

This evening, our preschool and our K-8 school are hosting their spring open house. Staff members are feverishly cleaning, assembling packets, trimming shrubs and making sure things look just right. The economy is tough right now, but we're still hoping and praying for a strong turnout tonight and a strong interest for fall enrollment.

Hearing the lawn mower outside reminded me that churches generally don't hold "open house" events for the community -- at least, not in the usual sense. But the truth is, every Sunday is an open house for a church! We have guests every weekend checking out our facilities and ministries and people. We have people walking through the doors who are looking for information and are considering "enrolling" in a church. We have folks who are just checking things out, and others who are ready to make a major commitment.

The question is, are we ready for those guests each weekend? Do we treat Sundays as an "open house" event for people in our community?