Thursday, March 20, 2008

My brother is moving to Iowa.

For most of his life, my brother Rick has lived here in California. Our family moved here just before his 1st grade year, he went to college in CA, and he's lived in the Golden State (with the exception of some extended trips overseas).

But this week he's moving to Iowa. He'll be living in the same town as my dad and stepmom, and it should bring a whole host of fun, new experiences for him.

Dad and Rick stopped by Wednesday evening on their way east, traveling on I-80. We grabbed a quick bite at Wendy's before they went back on the road with the U-Haul and Rick's car in tow. Best wishes to them on this trip, and to Rick in this new season of life!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow. I am shocked and amazed. What is he going to be doing back there? I hope everything goes well for him. He still looks like the same guy I remember from high school and first 4 years of college. I hope this is a good thing for him and really works out for him. How did your mom take it?

Rob Cunningham said...

Mom's doing alright, I know it's tough for her having Rick leave town. But it's a good step for him to take, so I know things will be good.

Anonymous said...

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