Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good to be home.

Just got back in town a couple of hours ago after a full day of driving home (Sacramento) from down south (Orange County). The trip reinforced my disdain for L.A. and its smog and its traffic, although the OC is nowhere as bad. Driving 8 hours alone is always fun... faster pitstops, no real conversation, and lots of choices on the iPod.

Great trip, overall. Odd to see green hills almost the entire way, and even saw a little snow on some of the hills along The Grapevine. But now I'm home and tonight we all lose an hour of sleep. So it's "really" 11:19PM, and that means it's definitely time for bed!

Hmm, Blogger won't let me add a pic. Argh. And i'm tired. So maybe I'll update with the pic tomorrow.

UPDATED: Finally, I can post a pic (4:25PM Sunday)