Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back in town. And then gone again.

I got back last night from a quick trip down to Orange County, to see the guys at Simply Youth Ministry. I've been doing freelance editing work for them for about 3 years now, and we got together to talk about some upcoming projects.

Trip highlights, you ask? How about these...
  • Finally eating a meal at the great, glorified Wahoo's Fish Taco place
  • Seeing the new student ministry building at Saddleback, The Refinery, and having oh-so-short chats with Doug Fields and Josh Griffin
  • Spending a day in nice OC weather
  • Renting a car and remembering how much I really like driving my *own* car
  • Hearing Andy Brazelton offer lame excuses on why he was skipping his 10-year high school reunion
  • Admiring Nadim Najm's ability to keep a close eye on so many websites every day

Next week I'm in Seattle, for "pure" vacation time. Should be fun.