Monday, July 21, 2008

Seattle: Day 1

Got here to Seattle. Technically I'm outside the city in the suburbs because that's the only place I could find a hotel. Downtown seems completely booked. But I'm near a transit center with good access to the city, and I'm near plenty of shopping -- which is also good because I didn't want to pay $400+ for car rental this week. Yea, crazy trip!

This pic is from the flight here. I'm pretty certain these are the Three Sisters mountains in Oregon.


rsc said...

Good guess on the mountains. North and Middle Sister are at the left of the photo, South Sister is the mountain in the center with the clear summit crater, and Broken Top is the mountain at the right. Under the engine where you can't see it is Mt. Bachelor, the only one of the group that has skiing.

Rob Cunningham said...

cool! i was pretty certain i made the right guess, based on how long we had been in the air, and the sudden appearance of three similar mountains.

i could see hood and some others along the way, but the sky was fairly hazy and the flight path didn't take us close enough to hood for any good shots.

Anonymous said...

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