Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Catchphrase me if you can.

We all love a good catchphrase now and then, don't we? Go ahead. Nod your head in agreement. Well, it turns out that the folks at TV Land have so little to do -- or so many extra employees -- that they've compiled a list of the Top 100 TV Catchphrases.

I wasn't surprised by most of the entries. Homer Simpson's "D'Oh!" is there, of course. So are such no-brainers as "No soup for you!" from Seinfeld, "The tribe has spoken" from Survivor, "De plane! De plane!" from Fantasy Island, and "Bam!" from Emeril.

But a few caught my eye and made me go "hmmm." Such as "Denny Crane" from Boston Legal (I've never heard anyone but William Shatner use that line), "Ask not what your country can do for you..." (which is a great line from a great presidential speech, but on a different plane from the average TV catchphrase), and "One small step for man..." (lunar landings and TV sitcoms just seem too odd of a pairing).

In any case, it's an interesting assortment of memorable phrases, and good fodder for some kind of game or activity or trivia competition, perhaps.


steven nelson said...

we should start are own like you kilt it, or just a little bit.

P-Rob said...

Oh we have plenty of Route 1 catchphrases:
"You kilt it."
"What was that, Mike?" "Sarcasm."
"A relationship is..."
"Follow the blue dots."
"How cold is it in The Warehouse this week?"

steven nelson said...

dont forget the ice box and the oven, though i guess that will end soon.