Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving -- or hope you HAD a great one. I'm down in Turlock visiting my mom, my brother and friends. Just got down with our big feast. I've a strong suspicion some leftovers will be accompanying me home Saturday. Looked through the newspaper ads. May get up semi-early for some sales. Now that I own a house, I'm trying to round up tools and other things that are good to have around the place. But I won't camp out in front of Wal-Mart, don't worry. Anyway, I trust this is a blessed, relaxing week for each of you, your family and your friends!



hey you have to tell dave to make it so that when im bored i can make fun of him without haveing my own blog. i got a new delirious by the way... now is the time:live a willow creek. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, BY THE WAY.

steven nelson said...

you should put your other picture up there, you know which one im talking about.???

P-Rob said...

Steven, you need a blog. You always have something to say... LOL