Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let's go Jayhawks.

Just a week after a highly embarrassing loss to Oral Roberts University, my Kansas Jayhawks basketball team had an awesomely fun and exciting game Sunday night against Florida. This time KU came up the winner.

This was great for me for several reasons:
1. I'm a Jayhawks fan. My dad was teaching at KU when I was born.
2. I actually could watch the game. I have cable for the first time in awhile, so I actually could watch ESPN2.
3. It was good to see that the ORU loss was a fluke. This is particularly important because my former pastor (and good friend) Ron Eivaz is an ORU alum. He was quite proud of his alma mater last weekend.
4. My roommates got the chance to laugh at me when I was cheering for my fav team. Perhaps this was enough entertainment for them, without the actual game.
5. My Kansas City Royals give me little to cheer for these days, so at least one of my teams doesn't stink.
6. Maybe this is a sign that the Jayhawks won't fold in the first round of the NCAA tournament this year. Wow, that's my prayer.


Anonymous said...

I want to personally thank the KC Royals for trading us a half eaten terd sandwich for catcher Jason LaRue...the Reds still got the better end of the deal. Go CIncy!

Anonymous said...

"Fluke" do you define that. Maybe Kansas beating Florida was a "Fluke"....go eagles!

P-Rob said...

FLUKE = Fabulously Lucky, Unusually Krazy Ending. Or something like that. And Tom, I'm looking for a trade of my own...a trade that would bring in some owners who actually know how to run a baseball team successfully!