Saturday, December 23, 2006

10 Highlights from 2006

Back when I worked in newspapers, at the end of December we'd always write these "best of" or "highlights" stories about specific beats we covered or hot topics of the day. In the spirit of days gone by, I offer this 10-Spot highlight list. More perhaps will follow, with narrower categories.

10 Highlights from 2006:
1. Buying a house.
2. Seeing my mom succeeding in her battle against cancer.
3. Leading a missions trip to Mexico.
4. Spending two refreshing weekends in Yosemite (including snow on April Fools Day).
5. Having billions of my emails read on the Simply Youth Ministry podcast.
6. Being part of the team that organized our most successful Harvest Festival outreach so far.
7. Challening and being challenged by my friend Bill Rath at this year's Youth Specialties conference.
8. Getting my hair buzzed by my students in January.
9. Deciding to get a mohawk 11 months later.
10. Going to the California Train Museum with my dad and stepmom.

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theDAve said...

So how do you Challen someone. Way to be mr editor.