Friday, December 22, 2006

Life With a Mohawk.

Top 10 Life Changes With a Mohawk:
10. It feels weird having your hair brush against the backs of chairs so easily.
9. You have to buy hair products again.
8. Longer stares from people in restaurants, businesses, church, neighborhood, family events, staff parties...
7. Washing your hair is a mix between quick scrub (buzzed zone) and real wash ('hawk zone).
6. You have new-found respect from all those 14-year-olds in your youth group who wish their parents would let them grow a mohawk, too.
5. All kinds of interesting women give you their phone numbers.
4. Little kids giggle and point -- more so than normal.
3. Going to iTunes and feeling like you should buy some punk music from the early '80s.
2. You get more traffic and comments on your blog.
1. Being called "Pastor Mo."

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Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on number 5