Thursday, December 21, 2006

The "New" Me.

OK, so at last it's revealed. I'm sportin' a mohawk these days.

So, how on earth could a normally sane person like myself end up with a 'hawk? Well, I'd like to say it involved someone paying me large sums of money to get a silly haircut, but no such luck. Instead, it's a way to pay respects to my students' support for a missions program.

In 2005, we set a goal of giving at least $2,000 to Speed the Light, a missions program that provides vehicles and sound equipment to missionaries around the world. We hit that goal, so my students got to shave my head in January 2006.

We set our 2006 goal at $3,000 but we didn't hit it. However, we DID give a little more than the year before, so I felt it was appropriate to do something silly once again. Thus, the mohawk.

Funny thing is, the mohawk doesn't look as bad on me as I thought it would. The students overwhelmingly like it, and some of the parents think it's cool. Some other parents aren't thrilled because now THEIR sons want mohawks, too. "Come on, dad, Pastor Rob has one! Why can't I?"

Anyway, that's the big news. I can't get rid of the mohawk until at least December 31st, and then I'll decide if I should keep it longer or not. I welcome your comments and feedback. Maybe even Tom Hammond will run another vote on his blog.


Anonymous said...

Nice... and thanks for the Most Rev. title...

You're eliteness (aka. me)appreciates it.


Anonymous said...

Dude rock the Mohawk as long as possible. I had to get rid of mine.