Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sometimes I hate my blog.

There have been a few moments around the church this week that have caused me certain amounts of frustration, yet I find myself frustrated by one simple fact: I can't talk about those issues here.

Some of my blog's visitors are involved in ministry at other churches; you can related to many of my experiences, I'm sure. But many of the people who visit this blog ARE involved at my church: students, parents, other adults. I firmly believe in the principle of not griping or complaining around our leaders or students; peers in other places of ministry are the best "sponges" for my complaints.

So, all I can say is that I've been frustrated a few times this week, and I can't write about it. Which creates more frustration. Ugh.


blog boy said...

well im done for today, ill catch up later, i now going to go home and shower, then go to youth, to hear yet another of robs intresting messeges, if mike lara reads this...what is that.. thats right sarcasim. jk inside joke, ask rob. speaking of rob to quote him my new name is blog boy. so until next time good bye.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob...I just spent a few hours watching the Gaither Christmas with people who thought I would be interested in hearing the life stories of each member of the group and every other family trio, quartet, blue grass musician and southern gospel artist who appeared on this Southern Gospel Bonanza. Just thought I would offer some fresh perspective. I would sign this posting but some may read your blog who were there that night...ugh..blogging sucks!

Anonymous said...

hey rob, you can go ahead and visit my blog, that i created for you.jk see you tomorrow, do you need any help with setting up for the christmas banquet today or tomorrow?