Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy driving.

Well, we're over on Crete now. It's been a great week. Lots of sun and fun and sightseeing. We rented a car, so that's allowed us to drive ALL over the island to see stuff. It also created the setting for today's hilarious moment...

I was driving this morning. To fully understand this story, you need to realize that Greek drivers -- well, they take certain liberties while driving that few Americans ever would (with the exception of some of my teenage friends, I guess). Speed limits are suggestions. Lines are recommendations. Shoulders are second lanes. And honestly, it's hard to avoi picking up some of their driving habits while here.

So... I was driving this morning. We weren't far from our destination. We came around a bend in the road, and this big-rig was driving "too slow" for our desires. So I made my way around to pass him...even though it was a double line. And you have to understand...most cars move over to the right shoulder, so you never really even leave the lane while passing another vehicle. But for SOME reason, this truck didn't.

I soon saw the reason.

There before my eyes was a police officer. He was standing next to his motorcycle, and he signaled for me to pull over. Ugh! I did. And then I played the dumb American tourist and didn't use ANY of my Greek to talk with him. I gave him my passport and my international drivers license. I then showed him our rental registration form for the car. He checked it all out, gave it back to me, thanked me and sent us on our way. That was it! No ticket, no warning statement. Nada. Rien. Tipota. Nothing.

This is the SECOND time this year that I've been pulled over by a cop yet escaped with nothing more than a warning. I'm sure there's some kind of life lesson in here somewhere. Maybe.