Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice quiet day.

So, today wasn't really a sightseeing day. We all slept in (which everyone should do as part of a vacation), then we relaxed around the hotel grounds for most of the day. We drove into the nearby town, Agios Nicolaos (St Nicolas), for lunch and some walking and some great Greek ice cream. But that was the biggest part of the day.

It's been really muggy here today. We've been blessed with great weather throughout our time in Greece. This was the first "bad" weather day we've had, and it's tough to call it bad compared to some of the weather they're having in Paris or London or other parts of Europe this week. We're content with highs in the 80s and 90s, even if today had its touch of humidity.

Tomorrow is our final day on Crete. We don't return the rental car until the early evening, and our ferry leaves at 9PM for Athens. We arrive early Saturday morning, and then we drive with a friend up to a place called Meteora, which has some of the most incredible monasteries imaginable. Once again, photo-posting will have to wait until we're back home next week. I've shot more than 200 digital pics and I've used about 5 film rolls so far. I only brought 8 rolls with me, so I've tried to conserve them.

That's it for today. Hope your Thursday is beginning well, going well or ending well -- depending on when you read this!