Monday, September 22, 2008

My choice for president...

...will remain my own personal decision, at least for a few weeks. I'm still on staff at a church, and I don't ever want anyone confusing my personal choices with any kind of "promotion" or "mandate" from our congregation.

But I expect that around November 1st, I'll probably post something explaining who I intend to vote for and why. I hope some of you will remain my friends after that. I'm kidding. Sorta. Well, kidding that some of you might be upset when you read my decision, not kidding that I want to remain your friend.

I'm rambling.

I think I'm going to vote absentee once again, but I'll probably wait until the end before filling it out. I hate the thought of voting in the beginning of October but then learning some huge revelation that affects my views and makes me regret my choice.

But for the record, I should state that I will NOT be voting for a third-party candidate, including Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and Cynthia McKinney. In my book, all three of them are borderline loonies, anyway. So, you can take some confidence -- especially those of you still dismayed over my 1992 vote for Perot -- that I will be voting for one of the two major candidates, warts and all.

And yes, folks, both of them have lots of warts. But if you're really looking to a single politician as the savior of this nation, then you have bigger issues with your worldview, your spiritual condition, and your sanity.

But I hope you'll still be my friend.


AshliO said...

I enjoyed your comment on my blog, and have thus forgiven you for not revealing to me who your presidential pick is. I find it hard to believe, however, that I can't remember you voting for Perot ... although that sounds like a very Rob thing to do. Whatever you decide, we can still be friends. I'm already on the record as friends with Bonafonte still :-)

AshliO said...

PS: I do want to say that I THINK I know who you are voting for. So I am telling Brian, just so he can keep me honest. He can tell you whether or not it turns out I was right once the "big reveal" is made. This is fun.

Anonymous said...

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