Monday, September 01, 2008

Running into people.

I keep running into people. Not with my car, of course. Those situations would probably be described as running OVER people.

No, I keep going to events and places here in Sacramento and bumping into people I haven't seen in awhile, and oddly enough, it's almost entirely been former students from youth ministry.

Today I was at the state fair with my friend Trista, and we were watching some people on the Rock Band stage (yes, a whole stage dedicated JUST to Rock Band). Suddenly, a person standing a few week away gets my attention and says hi. Turns out it was a former student from my youth ministry days.

That also happened on Saturday. It happened last weekend, too. Just seems to be a recurring theme lately.

Oh and this was a pic from the state fair, too. A couple decided to bring their "baby" to the fair. Turns out it was a dog.


theDAve said...

"a person standing a few week away"

typically I would say simple typo, but this one, hmm. I'm lost.

I'm guessing you mean "FEET" not "week" Unless you're dealing with time travel, and I am sure you haven't been fiddling with flux capacitor lately.

Rob Cunningham said...

yea you're right. apparently i wrote this blog entry while i was asleep. :)

Anonymous said...

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