Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My mind is filled with new ideas.

So, I'm eating Chinese food today, yet again. Or as "someone" pointed out, it was just Panda Express, not REAL Chinese food. Anyway, I get to the most exciting part of the meal (second only to guessing if the dried up Orange Chicken is still any good). This excitement, of course, comes from the wonderful source of wisdom and insight and inspiration and direction and guidance that can all be found inside a fortune cookie.

Today, my fortune read: "Your mind is filled with new ideas. Make use of them."

So, that got me wondering. What new ideas are trapped inside this brain of mine, and why do so few of them seem to be showing up lately?

Perhaps I need to water and fertilize these new ideas. Perhaps they are still little baby ideas that need time to grow. Or perhaps they remain trapped inside a mental cocoon, undergoing their remarkable metamorphosis.

Or perhaps someone put something into my Dr Pepper this evening and is causing me to ramble on mercilessly.

For now, I shall simply sleep well knowing that my mind is filled with new ideas. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to discover one or two of these ideas.


Anonymous said...

You live your life with too much importance given to a little piece of paper stuffed in a hard cookie. Of course you have new ideas and old ones. You do need to get out more. Try mexican food for awhile and stick a proverb in your barrito. It will provide much more wisdom. Tammy W.

Anonymous said...

^^ nice blog!! ^@^


Anonymous said...

Synchronicity is a lovely thing Mr Cunningham.

Given the fact that there are a thousand and one messages presented to us by the grand odor on a silver plate 24/7, I find it most refreshing to see that you are considering the whiff of a scent that will return, once more and pretty soon too, to all of our noses.

Servus und alles Gute aus München,

Ludwig von Bayern

P.S.: my verification word to publish this was "irkings" harrgrharr...