Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's really hot here in Indy.

Ugh. Warm and muggy. I hate this weather. Seriously. I don't just dislike it, or have strongly negative feelings toward it. I really, truly, honestly hate muggy weather. Yes. Hate.

I'm back here in Indianapolis for a week for my denomination's General Council meetings. These happen every two years and we meet in a different city each time. Because we always meet in early August and we usually congregate in the Midwest or East, the weather typically is miserable.

Indy is no exception. Highs have been in the 90s with high humidity. When I got picked up Monday at the airport by college buddy Josh Wellborn, we went to the store to buy some snackage. Getting out of his air conditioned van, my glasses steamed up because of how warm and muggy it was outside. Yuck.

But I'll make it through, thanks to all the water I'll drink and all the time I'll spend indoors. I cover the business sessions for the daily newspaper produced by the public relations office, so this isn't a vacation week. My senior pastor is awesome, that he allows me to do this every two years; it's a fun opportunity and a great chance to see old college friends, former employers and co-workers, and even a relative or two.

Not sure how much I'll be posting from the various sessions. My main focus is writing articles, so the blog writing will take a backseat. But I might be able to catch up in slower moments and share some of the highlights from workshops and business sessions. We'll see!

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