Friday, August 31, 2007

Vending machines rule.

I've tried to cut back on the number of times I visit vending machines to buy a soda or a candy bar. And that's OK, because there are still plenty of other reasons to hit up a vending machine. Here are two recent experiences

While walking through the halls of the, um, mighty Indianapolis International (?) Airport earlier this month, I encountered one of those cool iPod vending machines. Lost yours on the plane? Forgot it at home? Got 150 bucks just sittin' around in your pocket begging to be spent? This is the answer! Seriously, it seemed to attract lots of attention from passers-by but no one stopped to buy anything. Still, it's cool.

And then today, I needed a map from AAA. I went to our nearest office, and what did I see but a vending machine with maps and tour guides! How cool! Now I can avoid those awkward interactions with, um, what are they called -- oh yea, people! All I have to do is slide my AAA card into the slot, select my map, and presto! It drops like a can of soda! Wow. So awesome. That whole talking and interacting with real people thing is so overrated anyway.