Monday, August 13, 2007

Sorry I'm late to The Office.

I'm ashamed to admit this. I've only recently become a fan of The Office. It's not that the show started weak and has improved. It's just that, um, well, I only recently started watching.

And that's embarrassing to admit!

Last week I downloaded the entire first season (gee, all 6 episodes) so I could watch on my iPod while traveling to and from Indianapolis. I finally got around to viewing yesterday on the way home. Advice: Don't watch hilarious shows on your iPod in the middle of an airport. You'll get strange looks from other travelers as you truly LOL.

Anyway, it's now time to download the second season and enjoy more of the hilarious, painful, authentic, gutwrenching fun!

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Joshua Griffin said...

Oh snap ... welcome to The Family.