Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't be an iTarget.

Great article on the SF Chronicle's website today about iPod robberies. Not the first story written about this trend; not even the first written by the Chron. But it's interesting to see how teens and young adults appear to be the primary victims of these robberies. Makes sense, because of the popularity of iPods among youth. Also just a good piece of wisdom to pass along to teens...along with "turn the volume down so you won't be deaf at 40!"

    The iPod is seemingly everywhere, signature white cords dangling from the ears of riders on buses, students at schools and people walking down the sidewalk.

    The digital music players' appeal has also spread among a less desirable element -- thieves.

    As the supremely portable devices have spread across the Bay Area, the number of iPod robberies has soared. Listeners, often lost in the music and oblivious to their surroundings, tend not to realize how attractive a casually protected high-tech device worth hundreds of dollars can be to a criminal, police say.

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