Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Jayhawks.

What can I say? I thought my Kansas Jayhawks might be walking into troubled waters in the NCAA men's basketball tournament this year, but my fears have disappeared. After strong wins in their first two games, the Jayhawks have proven they have what it takes to win -- and maybe even what it takes to win a national championship.

Now if I can just get my Kansas City Royals to do so well in baseball. Some of my students are trying to persuade me to drop the Royals in favor of another team. Specifically, another team that sports blue jerseys. The Dodgers. Sorry friends, that one ain't gonna happen. The Dodgers are from L.A., and rooting for an L.A. team would violate one of the foundations of my personal theology. One of these days I'll share all of those tenets. But not tonight.


YouthGuyEvan said...

I'm guessing my Ags will make it to the elite 8, but unfortunately, even though it's in San Antonio, if we do, chances are we have to take on Ohio State (or the team that beat them)... so yea... it will be fun...

At least it's the sweet 16 baby!!!

and why is it that you're the only one that ever comments on my caption this?

P-Rob said...

dunno. ur one of the few who ever leaves comments for me, too. lol

PJ said...

If you are going to drop one bad baseball team to root for another at least make it a team that is worth while. We all know the Dodgers are over rated. Maybe you could become a Giants fan or at least a Red Sox fan.


P-Rob said...

i'm a sorta giants fan already. but hardly a fanatic. i could be a red sox fan LONG before i could root for the dodgers. mainly because the sox's main nemesis comes from the other bastion of evil, new york.

maybe i should become a cubs fan.