Saturday, March 31, 2007

'Blades of Glory' a witty escape

"Blades of Glory" is no "Happy Gilmore." Of course it isn't, you say. One stars Will Ferrell, the other Adam Sandler. One is about the elitist sport of ice skating, the other centers on the, well, elitist sport of golf.

To me, "Happy" remains the modern standard of a sports comedy: It pokes fun at a beloved sport but in a way that some of the sport's biggest fans and heroes can rally behind. "Blades" -- or BOG, as some have taken to calling it -- attempts a similar feat, and manages to have more celeb/athlete cameos than I would have imagined.

"Happy" is a movie I'm comfortable watching with just about anyone. Sure, there's some colorful language, but it's largely a feel-good flick. Besides, who can resist the Bob Barker-Adam Sandler faceoff. On the other hand, I don't think I'll be taking a group of students from my church to watch "Blades." Too much sexuality. Too much crudeness. Too much ouch.

All that being said, I still enjoyed "Blades of Glory." I laughed for most of the movie, and I'm sure many of the characters' lines will take on a long pop-culture life. Would I recommend it? Yeah, probably. The overall premise is hilarious, and many of the scenes are gut-wrenchingly funny. If you aren't bothered by Will Ferrell's over-the-top silly sexuality, then you'll enjoy the pointed humor of these "Blades."

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